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Where is winter but Spring will do

It seems like we went straight to Spring and forgot about Winter. Y'all know that's not true, we will just have winter in April. But since it's so springy, and the daffodils are blooming I've been doing some springtime critters.

As always, the critters give back 50% of their purchase to charity and since it feels like springtime it seems like a good time to choose The Giving Garden as the charity for February. The Giving Garden is located in Smyrna, and is a community garden growing produce to give back to food banks. They give away over 1000 lbs of produce every year, among lots of other community things they do over there. Take the time to go check them out, you won't be disappointed. Maybe you'll even volunteer, they need you. You can find more information at

Happy spring for now, but don't let those winter coats go to far cause you'll need them before real spring gets here.

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