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People are where it's at!

Whenever I'm asked about how Art Walk was, I always say it was wonderful! Frankly, people are the total reason why I do it. For me the greatest pleasure is watching people get so excited over some critter art they love, usually that critter has some story like the sister that bought her brother an otter picture, or the little boy who really enjoys squirrels, or Owls connected to KSU. All the children picking out which ones they liked. That makes me smile. And then some of you stopped by who had ordered commissions of their pets, just to say Hi and how much you are enjoying your piece. That makes my heart happy!! I wish I could see every time one of those pieces is gifted, I'd love to see the face of the receiver.

People are where it's at. People are what make this whole thing worth doing. Together we get to help People. This month half of the proceeds are going to Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. Since I've had breast cancer twice, this one is special to me and I love what they are doing for people, their community. Thanks for shopping and making your Purchase have Purpose.

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