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The adventure of Cancer

Adventure is a word I enjoy, and adventures I enjoy. Well, some of them anyway. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and to our surprise it returned almost exactly a year later. This adventure I do not enjoy! There are some things different this time, like type, treatment and etc but mostly it's the same path. While I hate the treatment part, I do enjoy meeting woman that are on this same road, and hearing their stories and it gives me insight into ways to help. Did you catch that word enjoy? The part of that word I've been clinging to is JOY. Being joyful no matter what your circumstances. Yes, it's work but the outcome is so much better than to be mired down in all the bad of this road.

So pretty much my time has been given up to the Cancer journey and you have no idea how glad I'll be to have that behind me and get back to real life. I've been painting when I feel up to it, but that's not been happening to much but every once in a bit I've done a critter for someone and been able to give back. Now that, makes me happy! I look forward to getting back to critters and giving back.

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