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Purchasing with Purpose

Back in the Spring we participated in the first Art Walk here in the Marietta Square and just finished up the last one at the beginning of November. Your purchases gave back in a big way!! So thanks for that.

And Goodness, you did not disappoint. From enjoyable people watching, listening to children make all the animal sounds from the art critters they liked, to the reasons behind why a particular animal meant something to you, some of those stories were sad and some were happy, to all the smiles when you turned the corner and saw those critter faces, to the high 5's to women beating Breast Cancer and all your life stories. We SO enjoyed meeting each one of you and we look forward to being back in the spring.

Meanwhile... you can visit the Etsy page for Awrightcause if you would like to shop. If you are local you can save the shipping by doing a pick up. And if I'm happy to paint a critter you may need. Thanks so much

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