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The Shoe that grows... because of you.

This is most likely something we can't comprehend since for us when our kids grow out of shoes, we just pop into the shoe store around the corner and buy a new pair or we can sit on the couch on our computer and buy the next size. But in developing countries that isn't an option nor is there money to spend on a new pair when a child grows out of them. Or maybe they just don't have them, so kiddos just go barefoot or as you can see if you view their website they cut out the front of the shoe.

I'm so thankful for super smart creative people, that work hard to make something happen. If you want to read all about The Shoe that Grows you can view their site at or maybe you'd like to donate. The link is there. And maybe next time we put on our shoes, we will all be a little more grateful.

Thanks to these two fur babies, together we get to give back.

Two fur babies giving back.

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