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Know what day it is... ?

Pretty much all of us can think of someone who has cancer, sadly it seems like it's fairly common now. I recently knew someone who passed away after a long fight with the disease, and constantly I was asking myself how to help. Always praying, but ways that were more tangible. A few organizations are out there that offer cleaning for cancer patients, I think thats such a great idea... some offer transport... etc. Today I'm sharing about a local group that my friend Tammy brought to my attention. Pennies with Purpose. They got their start with a jar on a counter, and now today they provide financial assistance for the costs associated with medication, transportation to and from doctors appointments, medical supplies and groceries for cancer patients. So, Hump the camel or whatever name his new owner gives him... his purchase is benefiting Pennies with Purpose. If you would like to read more about what they are doing you can visit their website at Thanks for your purchase so we can do good together!

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