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Hooty the owl helps feed more Hoots.

It's weird that it stuck since I have a terrible memory, but it did. I could write a lot on just words, our words and how we can hurt or help with them. But I'd rather say something bout my Grandaddy Masterson. He was a woodsman, an outdoors man so to speak, he taught all of his grandchildren lots about wildlife (and lots of other stuff) so in honor of my Grandaddy 100% of the proceeds of the sale of Hooty the Owl are going to Atlanta Aware, wildlife rehabilitation.

In 1999 AWARE was founded to care and rehab injured and orphaned wildlife here in our area. Their mission is to preserve, promote, and protect Georgia’s native wildlife. They are one of very few centers that do it. Aware is located in Dekalb county at Arabia mountain. You can learn lots more information at

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